Butterfly Meaning

When browsing D'Evas Boutique, you will notice subtle signs of a butterfly.  What is the significance?  Like many of you, Covid made me re-evaluate the trajectory of my life. After being in corporate America for 25 plus years, I realized there was more to life than rush-hour traffic taking invaluable time that cannot be re-gained.  So as with anything in life, I prayed and asked God to show me what He would like me to do with my life.  Clear as day, the next morning He said open a boutique, you love fashion and you love to help others.  Every day since He revealed His plans to me, I have seen a butterfly.  Some of the most poignant moments: fishing on a jetty, a yellow and an orange butterfly fluttered by or sitting at the front window working on the computer and a butterfly fluttered right in my face.  The butterfly symbolizes new beginnings and transformation.  So I pay homage to God and His signs of confirmation through butterflies.

Fun fact: a couple of the pieces for sale have butterflies